Wedding makeup – DIY or go PRO?

Wedding makeup – DIY or go pro?

Whether deciding to wield your own mascara brush on your wedding day or to entrust this all important job to a pro, you might want to first decide if you truly are a DIY girl.

Why not DIY ?

Certainly nobody knows better than you what you like! Doing your makeup yourself allows you the freedom to play and practice with different colors and techniques… All of which you could probably learn on YouTube!

As a DIY girl, you need to keep in mind that putting on your wedding day face isn’t exactly like your everyday makeup routine. You want to enhance your gorgeous features subtly so you don’t look a backup singer in a bad rap video. Your makeup needs to look great in photos and it also needs to withstand hours of kissing, crying and dancing! My advice, book a makeup lesson from the pros at Sephora or MAC or ask a friend whose got a flair with makeup to give you a few pointers and practice, practice, practice.

If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, and your fiancé prefers you au naturel, you’ll probably want to wear a color palette that is pretty, simple, and complementary to your skin tone.

If you’re getting married out of town, and you haven’t got the time to do a trial with a make up artist, you may definitely want to go DIY. Nothing could be more traumatizing then feeling like a clown as your walking down the isle to meet your guy!

While I’m the first to let out a cheer when someone suggests we go “pharmacy shopping” you may want to skip this trip when buying your wedding day makeup.  The best way to avoid the dreaded makeup meltdown during summertime weddings – and avoid looking like a Salvador Dali painting – is to buy quality products!

If you have the time and the desire to learn, the patience to practice and the time on your wedding day to do your own makeup, then going DIY may be for you!

Also practice and have pics taken of yourself in the make-up, so you’ll know how it will look on your wedding day.


Reality is, your wedding day will be full of nerves and excitement – why add to the stress? A trial run with your makeup artist should weed out the baddies and ease any concerns so that when the big day comes, you can sit back, relax, drink a little wine, and allow yourself to be pampered right before you walk down the aisle.

In theory, booking a professional makeup artist should save you time, money and any energy you might have spent researching, practising and experimenting with makeup before your wedding day.  Add to that, if the best makeup you own comes from London Drugs – while great for street wear – chances are you may want to wear something that will have those magical properties that help your makeup stay on better and longer.  So, while some brides may be ready to upgrade to the fancier makeup boutiques, those ladies who are more frugal with their dolling up dollars may just want to spend those extra bucks on a professional!

Most professional makeup artists have been trained to do makeup in a way that is most flattering to you.  They should know their tools well and they should be using only high end products. However, professionally applied does not mean risk-proof. Professional makeup can sometimes look overdone, and an inexperienced makeup artist might doll up everyone in your wedding party in the same way. You’re not the Stepford wives, so why should you and your entourage look like them!

A good artist will use subtle tones that suit your skin tones and hair colour and that will look good both in natural and artificial light. A good makeup artist can make your makeup look great for the camera.  This one is kind of a biggie; since the camera tends to exaggerate flaws and can even create artificial ones (think shiny, oily looking skin caused by shiny, sparkly makeup) -who needs that? The focus should be on a makeup application that enhances your hotness rather than changes who you are for the day!

Whether you choose to DIY or to go pro, one thing is certain- as a bride to be, your photos are the lasting record of your special day and you deserve to look fabulous!